May 12, 2012


This week Byredo held an event in Stockholm where they sold out some products, old design editions etc. Very friendly prices. But not only was it nice to stock up with a gentle wallet-pressure, the best things was the opportunity to find some rarities from the past. I was very happy to find the home fragrance version of Encense, an amazing composition that was sold only for a short limited time before disappearing of the shelves. So now my home smells of benzoin, midnight mass, burnt coffee and... male sweat? (Not for kids!) Yes, this is an unusual one and not everyone would like it. I love it. It evokes a diachronic feeling in me and has a particular balance between austerity and sensuality that I admire. It reminds me of childhood memories of going to mass with my grandfather and grandmother, but blended with the leather of Chesterfield sofas and afternoon drinks. The smoky veil carries a tar scent that anyone who lives in city with boats and docks will recognize. And then benzoin... Oh, benzoin.

I found a really interesting review of Encense this morning on the blog Sorcery of Scent that looks further at the liturgical aspects. Recommended reading here.

And yes, I do like a good fragrance name.