July 21, 2012

"The poetics of perfume"

Been playing around with words as a tool for fragrance composing... And found a new olfactory-and-creativity-friend! Alexis Karl, Persona Très Cool!

You'll find my word world here: bodymadeluminous.tumblr.com/

image from www.facebook.com/scentbyalexis

July 19, 2012

Not everything is top-heart-base. Linear Scents!

Yep, it is true. Not ALL perfumes are created with top note, heart and base. Not all perfume experiences are designed with this narrative. Most. But there are other ways and we should all encourage the diversity.

Brilliant article from Perfume Shrine on linear scents.

Perfume Shrine: Perfume Term: Linear Scents ~Deceptive Simplicity

Vanilla fierceness

I love this. For being vanilla that is not trying to be cute. For being vanilla that a man can wear. For being soft and fierce. For being strong but undemanding. For feeling like the crème in the crème brûlée and like leather. For it's intimacy blended with a feeling of ancient heritage. I really love this admirable creation.


One of my best friends is a flower queen. Totally. She smells of romance, dessert and petals. I have  been dying for ages to see if I can tempt her to leave the flowers or at least go in an olfactory direction that conveys some of her amazing fierceness. This is my first attempt. To be continued. No floral notes what so ever.