June 29, 2012

5. Rebel with a cause.

My new article for My French Life examines our (mis-)perceptions around icon Chanel No 5.

You'll find the article here. As always - would love to hear your thoughts!

And if you want to know more about Gabrielle Chanel, you'll find a human encyclopediae here.


  1. I read your article and completely agree. No5 is too often misinterpreted, I'm guessing because of its classic status from having been around so long; and people equate classic with conservative and safe. Additionally, once something cutting-edge has been around for a while and trickled down to the masses, it loses its edge and risks becoming mainstream.

    I have loved No5 for quite some time and have always been fascinated by it (although from a distance) but didn't want to wear something so recognizable. And I don't fit that stereotype of a conservative-pearls-little-black-dress-Chanel-No5-wearer. So I didn't feel the fragrance would be a good fit for me. Eventually I "got" it, realizing No5 really is my type of fragrance, other people's misconceptions be damned. I finally chose to view the fragrance as it was originally intended (and interpreted): ground-breaking, avant garde, unconventional, rebellious, modern - not to mention how utterly sublime it smells!

  2. Stephanie, thank you for posting this comment and sharing your reflections and story!! I love reading this. (and completely agree). You and the 5 must be a super-cool combo! /Sylvia

  3. My pleasure, Sylvia! Another reason I love no. 5, and yet did not wear it recently, is my lovely mother always wore it; she still does on occasion. I mean, how could I "steal" her scent? No. 5 eventually won me over, too. When I spray it, I'm often reminded of her, and that brings happiness.

  4. That's beautiful, Stephanie. My mother wears Voyage. It makes me always remember her free personality and courage. (And yes, I gave it to her for that reason.)