July 1, 2013


Have you ever picked fresh lavender? When it is halfway between buds and flowers and the leaves are velvet soft? You can detect so many difference scents in it then... That obvious lavender smell we all recognize is not there, instead there is a variety of things going on... Try it. I could name about ten-fifteen different smells. What about you? 

Lavender is a somewhat underestimated scent. It has been used in so many contexts that it has almost become a cliché and unfortunately the market is so over-whelmed with what pretends to be lavender scent that we have almost forgotten the real deal and how that smells. It does not smell like sleep - in fact lavender increases your ability to solve problems because of the effect it has on the brain when you smell it. And there are many lavender products out there that smell fresh, elegant and manly and not like Laura Ashley duvet. Not that I want to disrespect Laura Ashley, it's just that those florals kind of take the jazz out of some rather jazzy raw materials when they go all romantic on bed spreads and lamps.

Try to find some fresh lavender and begin the lavender love affair again.


  1. Dearest Sylvia
    The monks of Caldey Island just off the coast of West Wales make the most divine lavender scent... I remember childhood journeys there in rickety un seaworthy boat, sand dusted sandwiches in hand.
    Happy times and a happy perfume.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. I know, you told me. I do need to discover that one. Right now I switch between my own home-grown as seen in photo and Dr Bronner lavender soap. /S.