March 17, 2012

Juliette has a Gun: This is not a Review

I have been asked on a few occasions to do reviews on fragrances, both in formal and informal contexts. Have to disappoint those of you who wait for such posts. It is unlikely at this time that I will ever write a standard review with the purpose to grade a new launch or say that a perfume is good or bad. This simply goes against the essence of why I am interested in perfumes at all. I do, and will, however write reflections around specific fragrances and describe my impressions wearing them. If I notice obvious objective qualities that make it an exceptional perfume (in my opinion) I will tell you. But, scents are subjective and every persons skin, hormones, temperature, body odour is different. Therefore my experience will not be the same as yours and this to me makes a standard review based on evaluation pointless.

What I would like however, is if my reflections and obsession about details and facts and nuances can help you to a richer experience with your perfume, and that I can offer you some knowledge that will help you make more personal conscious choices. But for me to be able to do that for you I need to exercise my own perception. This is one of the reasons why I like to go through a range like I did with By Kilian or a theme (note, nose etc).

The next perfume house that I dive into will be Juliette has a Gun. A contemporary brand, created by Romano Ricci, with a classic heritage and a unique seductive narrative. Just received a sample kit from them and look forward to going through the fragrances. Stay posted for reflections on Citizen Queen, Lady Vengeance and their friends.


  1. I just go my sample kit from Juliette has a Gun, I am looking forward to reading you thoughts about the different fragrances

  2. Great! Let me know what you think, we can compare impressions. :)