March 14, 2012

How to find a new perfume

For natural reasons I have the fortune to find myself indulging in conversations about perfume and perfume searching quite often. But in the last weeks it has really happened more often than usual. Which is great... I could easily spend my entire life talking about perfumes and helping others find their olfactory matches. My impression from these conversations is that there is quite a lot of insecurity around how to navigate between the shelves and brands and that this causes a feeling of being somewhat overwhelmed and confused. Some of my earlier posts offer guidance that could be of use to some of you. Hope this helps you in your perfume discoveries, and you are always welcome to contact me for questions or exchange of thoughts around this. Some of you do and I really enjoy reading your thoughts.

On perfume families and composition. This one.

On classification Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette...etc. This one.

One of my favorite topics... pour homme et pour femme.

Here, a post on wearing perfume.

A post about giving perfume to someone else, here.

In Swedish:
How to go about the shopping situation 
And this one.

Druid necklace from Chanel with Perfume bottle :)

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