March 29, 2012

The Scents of A Man

Tonight I am playing some seriously advanced mind games on myself trying out ten perfumes pour hommes on my skin as a part of the process of creating a perfume wardrobe for a male friend. I would say that 2/3 of my suggestions will be unisex fragrances. But that last third will be light contemporary masculinevaganza olfactory zones where I would never go on my own skin.

The fragrances will of course smell entirely differently on him than on me, but to get some sort of feeling for how they live and breathe with human skin and warmth I am doing a first round on my arms. The effects of this experiment are unknown. The atmosphere in my apartment slightly surreal with all these olfactory testosterone ghosts lingering.

This is fun. So much fun. I have found a few matches, a few risky adventures and a few surprises. Some question marks regarding whether EdP or EdT will be more suitable. But what great questions these are to dwell upon...

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